Helmsley Aquathlons

Aquathlons: Tuesdays 30th July, 6th Aug, 13th Aug 2024 @ 6.30pm
Aquathlons are an ideal way to compare your fitness against the clock.
This year the pool will be featuring 3 events and all three evenings will offer the event for Adults ,Child Platinum, Child Gold, Child Silver, and Child Bronze and for the little ones a Splash and Dash!

What do I need to bring?

A tri suit –these start from £30 and are probably a good investment if you are doing all 3 races

but there is no need to buy any special clothing as alternatively

a swimming costume / cycling shorts are fine

goggles (optional)

Swimming Hat (optional)

For the run, women may wish to put a pair of shorts on over their swimming costume in transition. Men & Women may also wish to put a top on for running – no bare chested runners please gents – we are running around a cricket pitch after all! It is difficult to put clothes on when you are wet and have swum hard – so best to bring lycra clothing rather than cotton

Running shoes (& socks )

A small towel for the transition area (optional)

A bottle of water for the transition area (optional)

Watch – (optional)

When do I need to arrive?

Registration opens at 6pm and closes at 6.45pm. The children race first in distance order and then the adults

You will be given (drawn on arm & leg) your race number, & be able to put your things in the transition area

Prior to each age group starting there will be a full race briefing

Will I be slow & how do I count how many lengths / laps I have done?

No one is too slow to compete in an aquathlon. We can’t all win and the idea is to take part, have fun & improve over the series. In the swim you will be grouped with people of a similar speed. Slower swimmers start 1st. However slow you are going, you won’t get in anyone’s way. We’ll do the length/lap counting for you.

What do I do in transition & can I help my child in transition?

Your time in transition is part of your race time so the idea is to get through as quickly as possible. However you are free to take as much time as you want and put on as many clothes as you need to feel comfortable. You may want to bring a small towel to stand on whilst you dress, you can also put talc in your trainers to help your feet slip in when wet especially if you’re not wearing socks. If you’re looking to save a few more seconds you may want to invest in a pair of elastic laces for your trainers.

Competitors under the age of 11 will be allowed a helper in transition if required.

How do I find out the results?

These will be emailed to you & posted on our Facebook page (please like ‘Helmsley Open Air Pool’ to see this) and website.