Aqua Fitness


Aquarobics Wednesdays 7 June 2023 to the 26 July 2023 (8 Sessions)


Aquarobics are a fun way to exercise, and the benefits are huge! The water surrounding you acts as a gentle resistance to your exercises whilst supporting your actions so at the very least you can’t fall over! Now for the technical stuff!

  • What it can do for you.
    It gives you a good cardiovascular workout, gently increasing your pulse and breathing rate, so it’s great for helping to improve your heart health.
  • It strengthens and tones muscles – the resistance of the water means that opposing muscle groups are worked in each movement as you push and pull against it.
  • It improves flexibility, while the support of the water greatly reduces the risk of muscle and joint injuries.
  • It’s a great stress reliever – the water massages and cools you, giving you a feeling of weightlessness and an enormous sense of wellbeing.


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