Hire Our Pool For Your Event

As a Registered Charity, 1184090 we want our visitors and local community to use the pool as much as possible. In addition to the pool timetable and special events, the pool is available for hire outside our normal opening times.

This means we can hire the Pool for private use with qualified Lifeguards:

Instructions for Checking Availability and Booking

1 On this page, scroll down to the calendar at the bottom of the page

2 Check the Pool’s availability for your hire, date, and time.

3 See immediately below for times if you want a one hour or a two hour hire.

  • In the mornings the one hour hire would start at 10.00am until 11.00am.
    The two hour hire would start at 9.00am until 11.00am.

  • In the evenings the one hour hire would start at 7.15 pm until 8.15pm.
    The two hour hire would start an 715 pm and finish at 9.15 pm

4 After checking the date and time you want to hire the Pool is available scroll down until you see a Booking Form Link below the calendar.

5 Download the Booking Form, complete it and email it to info@helmsleyopenairpool.org

6 Wait for an email confirmation of your booking (usually within 24 hours).

7 A link to make your payment via our very secure server will be sent nearer the time of your booking.to your phone or email address.


Useful Points

If the time and date on the calendar says ‘booked’ or ‘busy’ it means that slot is booked, please try another date and or time.

Children’s parties are popular at the pool and come with use of the floats and inflatables used in the fun session.

Numbers: We like to limit the number of swimmers to 35. If it’s a Children’s Party, parents, guardians, and spectators are always welcome.

Pool Temperature: We try to maintain the Pool water between 25 and 28 degrees C BUT this can vary with the ambient outside temperature. We are after all an open-air pool!

The link to your phone for payment becomes due upon receipt of our request.

For schools and charities, we reduce the charges listed above to £65 and £125 for one and two hours respectively.
Please mention if you qualify for this status on your Booking Form.

Make A Private Hire Booking Enquiry Only