Admission Policy

The Admission Policy aims to safeguard swimmers that are most at risk when bathing. The policy does not intend to prevent families and children having fun in the water and enjoying the physical and social benefits of swimming, nor create unnecessary barriers for parents and carers when accessing our facilities.

The policy considers recommendations from the Institute of Sport & Recreation Management (ISRM). It is important to note that the rules appertaining to child parent ratios will differ depending upon the number of bathers in the swimming pool. We reserve the right to change the ratio at any time to ensure maximum safety.

General Policy (Children)

  • Under 5’s 1 adult to 1 child
  • Ages 5 – 8 years 1 adult to 2 children
  • Age 8 to 15 years no adult supervision providing child is a competent swimmer.

Weak or non-swimmers must wear suitable recognised buoyancy aid, which they must bring with them, and remain in close contact with their supervisor in the shallow end at all times. Infants should wear aqua nappies, if appropriate, which again they must bring with them.

Accepted under this policy are those that fully support the child’s weight in the water and remain secure in and out of the water. E.g. Arm Bands or Float suits. Buoyancy aides that are handheld are not considered appropriate.

Customer will be asked to remove any fun inflatables not constituting a buoyancy aid if bather numbers reach 40.

Lifeguards will request a swim test for children entering deep water if they appear to lack confidence or do not demonstrate water confidence in their swimming ability. Failure to complete the test will result in restricted usage being applied to the child (i.e. they must stay in the shallow end of the swimming pool)

Photography Policy

We understand that visitors may wish to record special moments when visiting with their friends and family and we want to promote exercise for all ages. It is important that everyone understands the principle of privacy and should only record images that directly relate to their group.

If a member of public wishes to take images of the site that may include ‘wide shots’ of the general public they should again ask permission from a member of staff.

Cameras, mobile phone, video cameras or mobile technology are not permitted for use in the changing rooms or toilets.