Pool Closure 2021


First of all, an apology.

If you have visited the Pool this year and experienced cloudy water and/or you have waited longer than you should for a refund of your tickets, I together with all the Pool’s Trustees apologise.

The problem has been identified and a remedy has been determined for action which is taking place now. The issue was not organically related. There was and is no type of organic growth in the Pool.

The cloudy water was due to tiny limestone particles or more precisely calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in such fine particles that they were not captured by the water filtration system. As time progressed, they grew in number, partly because of alternative solutions that were tried, and the water got progressively worse, until closure on the 28 August 2021.

Almost 1000 refunds were issued on September 14, 2021, adding to the many issued previously, by the ticket company to the online banking gateway the Pool used. If you are reading this after the 21 September and your ticket refund has not been received, please email the Pool.

On a more positive note, the team at the Pool is using what has been learned during this issue and is applying to its future methods of operation.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in 2022.